Are My Book 4TB Drives USB2 or USB3

Hello, I read on some website they are selling 4TB My Book but it said the connector is USB2. Though, on the WD website it says USB3 (USB2). I do not even know what that means. If they ship drives with both USB2 and USB3 connectors, how can I tell which is which.


Not too long ago (a few months) I bought a MyBook 4 TB on Amazon and it works with USB 3 just fine. As I recall I had to format it specially using WD software to be able to use it with Windows 7.


Hello, Noel and thanks for the reply. Actually, I have a similar drive with the same box above. I wanted to buy another one so when I saw the USB2 I was afraid some drives only support USB2 and not USB3.

All the My Books are USB 3.0 the (USB 2.0) means it’s “backwards compatible” with USB 2.0

(so, if you have an old PC with only USB 2.0 the My Book will still connect … but obviously, the data transfer rate won’t be as fast)