One of two PR2100's not showing up

I installed two 8TB PR2100s side by side on my network. I was told by Apple that I HAD to have a dedicated drive for TimeMachine backups. It does not seem to be true, but I have two and need them both to work. Anyway, I can see one of the drives in Finder on both my wife’s MacBook and Mine. I can see both of them on my Wife’s computer in Finder. I cannot see the second drive on my computer, no matter what I do. It is the one I set up for TimeMachine. I selected that drive for Time Machine backups for both computers from the Mac computer. I did not partition the drives at all for my computer and her computer. I can see both drives through browser access on either computer. Any ideas on why the second drive is not showing up in the Finder App

Well, just figured it out. it was only logging in as Guest rather than user. Sorry to bother