One more try

I posted this in another room but I will try in this room. I have a problem with the hub playing a few iso files. They will start to play then lock up. I can usually back out but will not be able to play another iso til I unplug and start over again even sometimes it will go black backing out to the main menu or while scrolling on the home screen after this has happened. If I put the iso file in question on the hubs hard drive it plays it fine or at least gets to the 5 minute mark then I shut it off. Not all isos do this just a few that I know of. I have 2 wd live pluses and they play the isos just fine. I have moved the hub to their location eliminating the wiring. I have taken the hard drives and connected them straight to the hub via USB and the do the same lock up. I have treid 3 different programs to make them all 3 do the same on the same iso.

WD seems to think it is my network but I can’t see it becuase I can direct plug it in and still does it. anyone have any suggestions or have had similar issues?


I’m not saying this IS your problem, but the symptoms you describe are exactly what can happen if the network goes away while you’re playing a file.   At least, the LOCKUP symptom.

I *HAVE* seen in 2.05.08, at seemingly random intervals, that playing an ISO, it will go black.  Sometimes audio continues, but most times, EVERYTHING stops.   But the Hub will respond to remote keypresses, and sometimes BACK will return to the UI.   Other times, the UI does NOT return, but if I reset the HDMI connection (by cycling the HDMI input to some other device and then back) it will return.

So, if you THINK it is locked up, try hitting the BACK button, and then pulling the HDMI cable out of the back and plugging it back in and see if it was just a VIDEO failure.

Thanks for the reply Tony I tried what you said and before I tried it I mean I was ready to try it and it went past the parts that were locking up so I let it play on then I went to at least 2 other episodes that I know of and same thing they played well past where they were messing up before I just did a movie tonight and it was goofing up so I tried that it went to the menu and I played on. Was feeling pretty good then I took off for a bit came back tried it same thing so I did what you said made no difference. Sometimes when it does it I have a picture on the screen just not moving it freezes. Sometime not. One other thing I can play the movie in preview mode I am letting one play right now to see if it holds through. Any More ideas