Old MyCloud remote access via VPN

Hello all. I’ve been using various MyClouds for almost 10 years. I’m pretty familiar with them but I’m not an expert on networking, particularly VPNs. Does anyone have a simple set of steps to set up remote access to a Gen 1 MyCloud/MyCloud Mirror/MyCloud EX2 over a VPN (eg IP Vsnish, NordVPN, etc)?

Thanks from all us folks with these abandoned devices!

No doubt others will be along to give their opinions and experiences. Personally, because my Asus router includes the option to enable a (free) OpenVPN Server (instructions here for Asus routers) I’ve use it for remote access to a first gen single bay My Cloud from time to time. Properly configured remote VPN clients see the My Cloud as if they were connected to it locally. There are OpenVPN programs for the client computers and mobile devices. VPN servers can be setup on a variety of devices (computers, Raspberry Pi’s etc.) and docker containers. There are other VPN server options, apparently WireGuard is becoming a popular replacement to OpenVPN. PPTP is another VPN server option some use if their routers support it.

For paid services like NordVPN check their support pages to see what they offer for NAS support and if it allows for remote network access. For example NordVPN has the following page on NAS, no idea if it supports inbound remote VPN client access: https://support.nordvpn.com/Connectivity/NAS/

How to set up Western Digital My Cloud

Thanks Bennor, that’s the kind of thing I was looking for. It’s a little more involved that I would like but I’ll study it some more and see if I can follow it!