NZBGet missing from apps on EX2 Ultra firmware 2.30.165

I want to install NZBget on my EX2 Ultra as per these instructions Link
But the app is not in the app store in the dashboard, does anybody have a link for a download so I can install it manually as I am not sure what version I would need.

Thanks in advance

Hi wookiebear,

May be you can have a look to this post:

Thanks for the response much apreciated

But this is only for Single Bay and Firmware v4 - not for EX2 Ultra Firmware 2.30.165.

Can anyone help me please? Why not it is possible to get the nzbget app for this version?

thx and regards

Sorry, but i don’t understand. is this not only for Single Bay? The EX2 Ultra is not a single bay.

… Please be reminded that these installers are only meant for WDMyCloud single drive variant (firmware V4 and above), not Mirror/EX2/EX4 as I do not have those other devices to support them. …

I couldn’t get this working either

no more help?