NVR - Multiple Purple Surveillance Drives Support?

I recently purchased a Lorex 8 channel NVR (model NR8182W) which comes with a 2TB SATA hard drive. I would like to replace the 2TB hard drive with an 8TB SATA hard drive (maximum is 8TB). I currently have four cameras on continuous 24/7 recording and the 2TB drive holds about 10-12 days of video which I would like to increase. I plan to install up to four additional cameras totaling eight.

During this chat with Lorex, an agent stated I only need to purchase a 6TB drive to install as a second drive to the 2TB drive. Option B (if it works) would be less expensive and not waste the 2TB drive already purchased with the NVR.


  • keep and reformat existing WD Purple 2TB Surveillance Hard Drive.
  • install and format new WD Purple 6TB Surveillance Hard Drive
  • Combined, this will provide 8TB storage (maximum).


  • remove existing WD Purple 2TB Surveillance Hard Drive.
  • install and format new WD Purple 8TB Surveillance Hard Drive
  • This will provide 8TB storage (maximum).

However, I read the NR8182W NVR User Guide which states “The system comes with a pre-installed SATA hard drive. You can replace the hard drive with one up to a maximum size of 8TB.”
This does not say anything about combining two drives. I haven’t opened the NVR to see if multiple drives are supported. From what Lorex stated, the NVR can hold two separate drives.


  1. Is it possible to have two separate drives so that when recording fills one drive, it will begin recording on the second drive?
  2. Then when the second drive is filled, does it wrap around and begin recording over the first drive?
    -or -
  3. does it wrap around on the second drive replacing previous recorded video, and ignore the first drive?

Many thanks for any insight. Happy Holidays!

You should contact Lorex support to get the answers of your questions.

As I have checked the NR8182W NVR on the web. It has Expandable capability upto 8TB drive which means, the maximum capacity that you can use in it as Internal HDD can be of maximum 8TB.

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