Not sure if my MBL is bricked or not

I have my MBL connected to my home wifi network (via an AT&T uverse router).  All was fine 5 months ago, then I depolyed to the desert and when i got home, neither my wife or I could connect to the drive.  The only thing that happened while I was gone was that our power was shut off while she and my son were away from the house for 6 weeks.  Aside from that, not sure what could have caused a problem.  The drive IS powered through a surge protector.  I basically cannot get the WD set up program to find the drive and when I plug it in, I get a blue light on the front of the unit with a green flash every 6-7 seconds.  On the back of the unit, the orange LED on the bottom flashes every 6-7 seconds and the green LED on top continually flashes.  I HAVE tried doing the reset routine with a paperclip in the reset hole multiple times.  I REALLY don’t want to lose the data on the drive…Thanks in advance for any and all help.  And, if any recovery can be vone via a MacBook Pro, even better.  but, I do have access to a windows laptop if necessary.

Hi melane, sorry to hear you can’t access your files. Have you tried disconnecting the power cable for 20 second and then plugging it back again? If possible try connecting it directly to a wall socket.