Suddenly... MBL is not detected!

Hi, I have a MBL 3TB that was working fine and perfectly until last night. Today, even though the green light is steady, the drive is not longer detected in any device.

I have manually reboot it, tried to connect it directly to my MacBook Pro, running Mountain Lion, changed the ethernet cable… etc, etc… but this MBL in particular doesn’t appear available anywhere. Can’t access it through Dashboard, Finder, PS3, WD2Go App, nothing… all of the sudden… what can I do to get it back online and available.

I have two other MBL working fine yesterday, and working fine today… just one in particular. Green light is steady. Lightinng in the Ethernet connection is as usual…

Please Help!!!

Also, I tried to discover the drive through the installation CD, just in case, but I cannot discover such drive…

How can I access the drive?

Try holding down the reset button for about 4-5 seconds which will reset the network configurations (and passwords.)

Tried that… but after 60 seconds pressing the button… the drive doesn’t turn off and reboot… only way is to unplug it from the AC :frowning: