Not sharing with those on home network?

Is there a way to NOT automatically share a section with those on your home network? I’ve been moving all my backed up movies and tv shows over to mycloud to be able to watch on my living room tv, and allow my roommate to access them as well. I’m doing this through a separate laptop I bought to leave hooked up to the tv at all times because of issues I’ve had with my smarttv being compatible with mycloud. Ive been organizing everything in the public folder, under shared videos… But I’d also like to back up personal stuff like photos to also have available everywhere, but not allow roommates or guests using my home network access. I can’t find anything about how to NOT share stuff within those on your home network from the support pages or googling.

On the living room laptop I’m accessing the cloud from the run dialogue, and so I see everything.

You can put media anywhere: it doesn’t need to be in the ‘Shared Media’ folders in the Public share. You can create private shares, and store private media in there, accessible only to those who are allowed access via their MyCloud account and password.

If you’re accessing via DLNA, then you can turn off media serving for your private share. If you enable media serving on a private share, it will be visible to anyone on your local network, because DLNA does not respect access control; that’s a feature of DLNA. Non-served media can be accessed via the file server, rather than the media server. This allows you to access them with a utility such as Kodi, which is a media player that can access the SMB file server on the MyCloud.

Use and control of the Twonky DLNA media server is described in the User Manual, and, in more detail in this FAQ:

I know you can out media anywhere, I have it in many locations. But I
organized the media that I WANT to share in the public share folders as I
felt that would be easiest.

However everything is shared. When I access via the rundialog (//mywdcloud)
I’m able to view absolutely everything on any computer connected to my home
network. How do I make certain folders private from this? Is using the
rundialog to open mycloud in an explorer window using dlna? If so, then if
I’m understanding correctly I must completely turn off dlna sharing and
then download a third party program to access specific data I want shared?
If this is not using dlna, then I still do not understand how to prevent
the sharing of everything on my mycloud to anyone using my home network.

First, if you have not already done so you should read through the My Cloud Dashboard Help topics, or the My Cloud User Manual (, or the My Cloud Learning Center ( information to learn about how to configure the Shares for Private access. And how to enable/disable media serving on each Share.

It appears you are talking about two different features of the My Cloud. DLNA for streaming media. File access using a file manager like Windows File Explorer (which was probably launched via the run dialog //wdmycloud).

When one configures their Shares for Private access and assigned each User (created via the WD My Cloud Dashboard) permission levels; Full Access, Read Access, No Access, the user will be forced to enter their User Name and password to access the Share when using a file manager like Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, or when using one of the WD apps/Desktop software or the web portal.

For DLNA, because of the DLNA standard, it does not honor the Private setting on the Share which means ALL media within that Share will be accessible to DLNA clients (like Windows Media Player, etc.). The solution to this issue is to set Media Sharing for that Share to OFF via the WD My Cloud Dashboard > Shares page.