Not connecting to smart tv

I just bought a new MyPassport because my old one stopped working. My previous one connected to both my laptop and my tv fine, but with this one I just transferred some movies onto it and its not showing up when plugged into the usb port on my tv. When I plug it into my tv the light blinks for a couple seconds then it stays solid but nothing shows up. I’m not sure why this is happening or what’s different between this one and my old one but I bought this so I wouldn’t have to connect my computer to my tv to watch movies and now it seems like that’s what I have to do…

Thanks in advance!

Old WD Passports use MBR partitions … New ones use GPT partitions

It’s highly likely your TV is not compatible with GPT partition style.

So you’ll have to format it MBR and whatever file system your TV accepts eg. NTFS/FAT32 etc

Note: MBR only supports a Maximum of 2TB (Terabytes) (GPT supports virtually anything Over 2TB)

Same problem someone else had with an LG TV: Samsung LCD TV sees media files on 108B USB 2TB drive but not new 25A2 USB drive