New Passport Ultra not recognized on Samsung TV

Hi all. Yesterday I got a new My Passport Ultra 2TB through advanced RMA because my old one would freeze sometimes while copying files. I moved everything over to the new one and when I connect it to my Samsung TV, it won’t detect it and says “no movie file in current device”, “no photos in current device” etc and the size is always zero. My old one connects/works fine on my TV.

I looked at both My Passport Ultras and both are the same format “NTFS”. Why can’t I see the new one on my TV? I was searching around and I don’t believe my new one through advanced RMA is passport protected or anything like that. I downloaded SmartWare and WD Security last night and nothing showed up to suggest it’s passport protected. I also deleted all the WD files/folders on My Passport Ultra that came with it and my Samsung TV still doesn’t see I have files on it.

Also, I just connected it again to my TV and noticed a clicking for about 20 seconds and then it went away. Any suggestions?

Check the partition type. Chances are the one that works is MBR, and the one that doesn’t is GPT.

Lots of consumer electronics still don’t work with GPT.

You can change it on your PC by changing the partition type. It’s best you don’t load it with data until you change and test it, as your data might not survive if not converted properly.

Thanks for the reply but everything is now on this new Passport Ultra and I don’t have an extra hard drive lying around to transfer everything to it. :cry:

Then just don’t mess up when you do the MBR->GPT conversion. :slight_smile: