A Question Regarding My Passport Ultra and a Media Player

Hello everyone! I have an odd question, if I may?

This week I bought an AGPtek mini HDMI media player. I got it because it plays multiple formats and can play from external hard drives. I tried it with two Seagate external drives and they worked just fine. I then tried it with my Passport Ultra terabyte drive and it couldn’t recognize it. It’ll show a folder but there won’t be anything in it. The Passport Ultra works just fine in my computer but for some reason it won’t show up on the media player.

I’m just curious if there’s anything I could do or if this sounds like a familiar problem to anyone? Thank you.

‘probably’ a GPT Partition issue … some Media Players are only compatible with MBR Partitioning (which has a 2TB limitation)

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and a Android S905X Amlogic Box … Both recognize my 4TB GPT Partitioned and NTFS Formatted … My Passport Ultra fine :slight_smile: