No writeable partition found. Please make sure your drive is unlocked

I have a 1 tb MyPassport. it works fine on my Windows 10 PC but when I try and back up a Windows 7 laptop I get the above message. The devise is unlocked

it seems to recognise the MyPassport but i cant write anything to it - but its fine on the Windows 10 machine

Any help appreciated


Are you sure it’s permanently UNLOCKED, versus having your Win10 PC automatically unlock it? There’s a difference.

Thanks - no its definitely unlocked… I unlocked it on the W7 machine using my password - and then went back to to my W10 pc and removed the password protection altogether so the drive is permanently unlocked.

I wonder whether it need some of formatting although I’m not sure why if it works ok uinder W10


Try checking your Permissions on the laptop and compare with those on the PC.


Not quite sure what that means? How I would go about that?

I have noticed that if for example I attach a digicam it shows up as an external hard drive on the laptop under Computer but when I attach the My Passport via the same USB it makes the same notification noise but does not appear as an external driver under Computer

Also I can runs a status check / Quick Drive Check of the My Passport from the laptop so it knows its there but when I try to Backup vi the Discovery / Storage page - its fine till I hover over Import Data and a little red no entry sign appears - although the Cloud button seems fine.

Help appreciated