My Paasport unlock help

I have a 1TB My Passport that DISH said I needed to save movies. I never saved any as I cancelled the service; now I want to use it as a back up drive on my HP PC. I have it plugged in, but nothing appears on my screen…no files, no drive, nothing. It powers up and that is about all it does. Did the DISH receiver do something damaging to the My Passport, or is there something I might try to start using it on the PC?

Does it appear in Disk Manager?

Yes Tony, there are two references to it:
WD MyPassport 25E1

Also,when I try to do a back up I get a message:
No writable partition found. Please make sure your drive is unlocked.
How do I “unlock” this thing?

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I’ve gotten the drive (G) and I can see files that are on it; but when I try to set up for back up I still get the nag about no writable partitions. The drive IS unlocked. Suggestions?

If there’s not any data on there that you care about, my suggestion would be to delete all the partition(s) on the drive from within disk manager, make sure the partition table type is set to either MBR or GPT, and add a new primary partition, then format it NTFS.