No surround sound from MKV files


I’ve been looking on the forum for an answer to this issue for some time but still not sure how to sort it, if it is at all possible.

I’m trying to play MKV files with DTS sound through my amp to get 5.1 or 7.1 surround but only seem to be able to get stereo (the HD video is perfect). Should it be able to play these files as I want? I have read something about installing an older version of Firmware (I’m currently using the latest Firmware), is this what I need to do?

My amp has HDMI and Optical, it supports LPCM,  DTS and Dolby Digital.




Yamaha DSP-AX563

Thanks for any responses and sorry if I have missed something that has already been discussed on here.

It will not do any harm to try an earlier version of the firmware.  You can find the details here.

I have many files that I have encoded with x264 and retained the DTS track. They play fine for me. Make sure you’ve gone into the audio settings and chosen the correct pass-through setting for your amplifier. Mine is connected via optical cable, and I have also checked off the formats that my amplifier supports (DTS and AC3). After I have made those settings I reboot the WDTV and it works.


I have down graded the firmware to 1.04.12 but still no luck in getting surround sound. I have tried both HDMI pass through and optical pass through with no success. I have selected the formats my amp supports and gone to settings-restart after changing the settings, still nothing. What firmware are others using that allows DTS playback? Thanks.

I’m on the latest firmware.