No storage present

I had my 1TB hard drive connected to the WD TV Live for many months and it worked fine. Recently, it started showing ‘no storage present’ when trying to connect. I have updated the firmware and done both a soft and hard reset with no luck. The hard drive is working fine, it connects to my computer well. Anyone have any more ideas what could be causing it? 

Which USB port are you using on the USB.  Try plugging the drive into the front port.  Turn everything off then back on.

Yes I was using the front USB port. I’ve unplugged everything and turned it back on but still doesn’t recognise the hard drive.

What happens when you press the red button and select local storage?

Same with me it says no storage present… i am using imation externel USB Drive

When I select local storage it says ‘no storage present’

The only other thing I can suggest is a factory reset.

Settings—>System—>Device Reset—>Reset all settings back to factory defaults