No new WD TVs Available

I went on the WD web site to order a second WD TV, but they don’t seem to have any available. Then I looked at the web, but no one seems have stock??

Does anyone know what’s happened? Did WD stop making the WD TV Media Player?


They haven’t released any new hardware since 2011 (WDTV SMP)
(2014 WDTV Media Player is the same hardware, except no Netflix)

5 Years is “Long Time” not to release anything new … so i would probably say, yes they’ve stopped
(Just my opinion, not official … and no-one here can give you an official yes or no answer)

Joey’s answer is right on, although since there is no official announcement on this, some folks are still hoping for a new model (and it better be a good one!)

Meanwhile, check eBay and other places for a well cared for used one with a decent price, but these are getting scarce, too.

Thank you for the feedback and comments!

Any recommendations for a good alternative for the WDTV?

I purchased a Sony brand BlueRay/Streaming box last night that had a USB port in hopes of getting a similar interface to the WDTV. When I plugged in my HDD, There was no way to get movie information and images and it was really slow navigating my library. So any alternative suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Depends on what features you need

Personally, i’m very happy using Kodi Media Centre which is supported on several devices.
(i’m using a cheap Raspberry Pi 2 [getting a Rpi3 next week])

here’s a couple of screenshots from my Raspberry Pi 2

I may have purchased the same Sony player a year ago at Costco. The info on box was misleading, I found it deadly slow, realized I made a mistake and brought it back to Costco in day or two for a full refund.

Joey’s suggestion is good, some folks are getting Chromeboxes from various makers, I am not shopping for anything now, and I would be hard pressed to pluk down more money for a box pricer than a WDTV for same quality. That’s not the way tech products usually work.

Do you need a new WDTV or do you just want another? If you have a Roku or FireTV, they can do in a pinch for certain video files, but not ISO files with videos. Although the Kodi app Joey mentioned can be installed on a FireTV, but Blu-ray derived videos don’t work; too complex for FireTV, although regular DVD video files do work.

I can well understand if you don’t want the risk of buying a used one. A glance at Amazon shows 11 sellers have new ones for sale. “New” in that as already discussed, 2014 was the last WDTV. The 11 sellers are selling that. (I bought that model, and I’ve had no problems with it at all). The only thing is, since they are selling it new (even if a 2014 one), you’ll have the right to return if the plastic adhesive seal is either broken or missing. If so, I would say exercise that right. Obviously there will be no problem getting refunded because if seal is broken/missing they can’t sell it for new, it would have to be described as ‘used like new.’ Don’t use any that don’t look new, return them (at no cost to you). No reason then not to reorder from a different seller as there are 11.
No matter what, buying is risk free anyway, 'cos you can set it up, test drive it and make sure it’s working in all respects and if there are (and that includes operationally), return, for a full refund.