New Media Player

I have a Western Digital WD LIVE TV HD Streaming Media Player that I bought a few years ago and I love it. My partner now wants to get one and obviously they’re not available any more tears. What can someone recommend as an alternative media player? Must be compatibile to play Mac programmed external hard drives. Thank you!!

Hi @lanave

Like you I was a big fan of the WD TV Live. I still use mine regularly. While I can’t recommend an alternative player, I did want to let you know that you can still get them at some online stores.

Here’s just a few listings I found doing a quick online search at some of the biggest online retailers/search engines:

Your question has been asked many, many times the past few years. If you had searched the forum you would have found some hits; including my suggestions. Do some homework here and see what you can dig up.

Sorry I wasn’t aware I hadn’t come across any. Is there some you could recommend that you have previously come across?

Search for key words Kodi and FireTV, and Pi.

Another forum member sent me the following post yesterday.

This link is the end of a very long post that you can scroll through, too. Like I said, there are all kinds of posts about WDTV replacements.