No more WD TV Media players?

Has WD stopped making WD TV media players? I get the feeling they’ve sold out and that’s that.

Unfortunately this information is not available to us Moderators or the general public.

In all honestly, I would assume not. I was connecting with support over a month ago. We spent a week going back and forth, and they eventually sent a replacement (which had the same problem on arrival, pink screens and wouldn’t play media on arrival). I’ve since returned it, and received promises that the case is still open, but support has done nothing in a month to contact me or work on my case.

They have truly dropped the ball with this product, and ultimately don’t deserve our continued patronage/support.


I’ve been holding out for a new model, but now I’m wondering if I should just get one before the price gets jacked up even more. Oh, decisions, decisions.

I am ready to buy another. LOVE the one I have

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I have the same question. I’ve been using these great little boxes to stream my iso, m4a and jpg files from my media server to the tvs throughout my house for the past several years and I absolutely LOVE them; but like the original poster indicated, it’s beginning to look like WD is not continuing to develop the product - which would be a huge loss. As far as I know, this is the ONLY box that will stream ALL file formats from a media server. I have looked and cannot find any others.

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Unfortunately it seems large shops have the reply to this answer, while moderators although knowing what is happening, cannot inform the members of this forum. Look for the time it has lapsed since the last firmware upgrade and you will have your answer.

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Hmm. Well other stores like B&H Photo list this latest WD TV Media Player as discontinued. Is that the secret?

Or is the secret about what WD will do next? Because that’s what I really want to know… whether or not there is a new model on the way…?

If B&H list it as discontinued, it likely is; at least that has been the case with previous models. There have been no hint’s that WD will release a new model any time soon. I would think it would have been mentioned at the recent CES show during this month.

So, wait until end of month. If lots of stores still have the model you want in stock, then get it by end of month. Worst case if new one appears is you will have a spare WDTV and out about $100. I have two Live Plus models, and a spare Live Streaming model still in unopened box. I really don’t need to open it unless either of my 2 still-working Plus’s stop working. Bottom line is I need two on and working at any time. Great for ISO, MKV, mp4, jpg and mp3 files; especially since it does a great job using music playlists.

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Sure is hard to find a new one without paying quite a bit more than $100. I took a chance and grabbed a certified refurb for $59. I bet those will sell out soon. This feels like the end of an era. :anguished:

I also bought a few extra off of Ebay

Smart thinking.