No more connection with the TV

I can no longer access my “my book live duo” (WDBVHT0040JCH-00) from TV, it is no longer visible when I search for my sources on the TV remote and this has always worked.
in MBL dashboard at settings tab media streaming is checked and when I click on media streaming the tv is visible but when I click on status it says media version 0.0.0 is this correct?

Hi @jack56,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Okay, I will do that but this product is no longer supported so I am curious if they respond

WD levert geen support meer voor de “my book live duo” , nu heb ik gehoord dat je ook minidnla opnieuw op je MBLD kunt zetten.
heeft iemand hier ervaring mee en mij kunnen verteleen hoe je dit aanpakt.

WD does not provide support for the “my book live duo” anymore , now I have heard that you can also put minidnla again on your MBLD.
does anyone have experience with this and can tell me how to go about it.

it’s solved, I reinstalled the firmware and now the media version says and the MBLD is visible on the TV again.
thank you for thinking along