"no media in current folder" - only one folder affected

Hello there,

I had a USB-HD connected directly to my wd live and had never problems accesing the files i got saved there.

But i experienced problems when i tried to connect to this files via network from my pc (like slow transfer, connection errors, files lost when moved etc.). So i plugged my usb-hd off the wd live and had it connected to my pc, which now works kind of like a NAS in my network. I could solve the network errors with this change and the wd live now connects to this usb-drive via network shares.

And now heres the problem: it can connect to the usb, it plays the files once it has found them, but there is one folder it suddenly claims “there is no media”. which is bullcrap, because there are more than 100 xvid files in that folder and i can load the files from about every pc in my network - except the wd live.

the strange thing is, that this is the only folder i have problems with. i have also a folder with x264 only, a second xvid older and the wdlive box plays those files flawlessy.

it can’t be a ntfs problem, since all my x264/xvid folders are subfolders with the same access rights. all computers have win7 ultimate 64bit (32 bit for the “NAS-PC”) and the wd live has its latest firmware. i alsorestarted the box and i deleted the .wdlive folder, didn’t help.

any ideas?

KIND OF like a a NAS?    In other words, are you accessing these folders via NETWORK SHARES, not MEDIA SERVERS?

Also, if the EXTENSION of the file isn’t recognized, it doesn’t matter what the TYPE of file is.

Make sure the files’ extensions are the ones listed in the manual for the type of file you have.

they are! 107 .avi, 35 .srt. nothing else.