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I have just recently bought myself a WD TV Play Media Player. It is connected to my cabled network to an ASUS RT-N16 router. The router has two usb harddisk connected with media. When I direct the WD Play to the proper folder on my network disks it recognizes all my .AVI-files, but not ISO’s (They are not shown at all). If I disable the LDNA on the router, WD Play cannot find any media files at all. The Asus RT-N16 supports DLNA, samba, FTP and ITunes Server. I have played with them all without result. Is the WD Play not the right answer? Should I instead return it and maybe go for the WD Live instead?

DLNA Doesn’t support ISO files.

And since the only network method the Play supports is DLNA, I would guess the Play is not the right choice.

Thank you for your quick answer :smiley:. Is there another mediaplayer you can recommend instead?

And if it is DVD ISO file,
mpeg2 is not supported at all

On WD’s homepages I see that both WD TV Live and WD TV Live Hub supports MPEG2, but this will not help since ISO are not shown over DLNA? Any suggestions for another player are welcome, since I haven’t exeeded the 30-day return warranty yet.

NO DLNA media server will work with ISO.

No media player will work with ISO over DLNA.

You’re going to need to use network shares or local USB storage.

You can use network share on Hub and SMP

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Not a perfect solution by any means, but you could use a media server that transcodes. I have tried  MyMedia from PlayOn, and it will play any of my media types. It will play files that are natively understood without transcoding, (you choose which types), and transcode the others for streaming. Note that it is in Standard Def not HD. I don’t recomend this method vs. connecting to a network share, but you can do it if you had to.


Raspberry ?

Yes, that is a good tip! Pardon my igorance, but is it possible to make a network share from a folder on a NAS that the WD Play can use, since it’s already a share? :confounded:Screenshot from my Asus RT-N16 Router - application settings:

No, because as Tony already said:

TonyPh12345 wrote:

And since the only network method the Play supports is DLNA, I would guess the Play is not the right choice.

SAMBA is supported by Hub and SMP.

“SAMBA is supported by Hub and SMP”. Could you elaborate that, please…?:wink: