Media Shares

I have been able to use network shares successfully with my WD Live. But I cant do the media shares working. My computer OS is Windows 7, 64 bit OS. I have created library and included in it all the folders which contained my movies and video files etc. basically they are *.iso dvd images, or *.mkv files. These play perfectly alright when played thru network shares. However, when I choose media shares i am only able to play the demo files that came with the OS (some landscapes and wildlife HD videos short clips in fact). I am wonder why it does not show my MKVs and ISOs to play.

i have tried a lot and rebooted many many times etc. So please do not ask me to perform such dumb operations again.Thanks in advance.

The reason is Windows does not support streaming those file types through media shares. And most media servers cannot share ISO files because they are not media stream files. ISO files contain the file structure of the original optical disk and cannot be streamed.

Parnott100 is spot-on.

But I’ll add I’ve never seen ANY DLNA media server that can stream ISOs … at least the way people think they should.  :)

The ones that DO work with ISO aren’t actually streaming the ISO, they’re “mounting” the ISO to get at the contents and just streaming a specific VOB;   NONE can actually support DVD navigation, though, because the DLNA specification doesn’t allow for the random-access nature of DVD navigation.

Not true.

When go via Network shares, I can stream Iso files with the menu structure and the whole nine yards as if they were like DVDs. 

Of course ISO works through network shares. No one has said that it won’t work that way.

You asked about media shares (i.e. media server/DLNA), which is not the same thing as network shares (SMB). The technologies are completely different.

I understand. All I am saying is in reply to one of the above who mentioned ISOs cant have full DVD navigation etc. But that is not true. The other part about ISOs and MKVs not supporeted By windows media streaming i undersatnd. That does answer my question.