Network Share vs. Media Server - they show different files - WHY and How can this be fixed

I have had my WD TV Live for sometime and have really enjoyed the Network share option to stream movies from my NAS. Previously I used the Network share option without any issues. Yes, it stutters occasionally but on the whole it has performed very well.

With firmware updates I saw the option of Media Server added at some point and began using this. This actually worked better in most cases than the Network share option as far as reliability is concerned however with recent firmware updates a large number of files are missing. My MOVIES directory on the NAS contains 147 files and all of them are shown on the Network share option however only 97 of them show going through the Media Server option…

WHY!!! Media share used to contain ALL of the files within this folder however the last 2 or more firmwares have seen a large amount of files not showing. It seems to be .ISO and .MOV files but still not sure why they are not showing as WD states these formats are supported…

Has anybody else got this issue and know how this can be rectified WITHOUT a large amount of file conversions…

Hopefully WD will fix this issue in the future. If the Network Share can show it then surely the Media Server can show them as well with a little bit of tweaking. Incidently I have wound back my firmware to 17 - I thought I would check whether it was working at this stage and it is still not. I do know the WD did show ALL files at some stage.

Are you sure that these files were shown via media server. I don’t believe that iso files are supported by most media servers so that would probably be why you can’t see those files. A media server only serves certain files and usually has nothing to do with the WDTV. The media server option has always been there and was not introduced recently. As you say there may be some problems with network shares but that is the only way to see all files.

I agree with richUK.   Media Server functionality has been on these boxes since they first shipped.  Nothing new there.

No Media Server that I’m aware of STREAMS ISO files.   There may be a few out there that will “mount” the ISO and stream the files that are INSIDE the ISO, but not the ISO itself.

What DLNA Media Server software are you using?

I am pretty sure they were shown. What about the .MOV files then if that is the case? Would Media Server’s generally show these types of files?

I don’t understand what the difference would be between them as they are both looking at the same drive - the NAS. I would have thought they should show the exact same files.

I have a ReadyNAS Duo and have simply activated the DLNA option. I have been using the Media Server option for some time so I thought I would notice if 1/2 of the files are missing. Does this ISO not playing on Media Servers extend also to .MOV files as these are also not included in the Media Server option.

It totally depends on the server, not on the WDTV.

The servers generally will only send file lists that include servable files.

In other words, a server like Windows Media Player, won’t show .mkv, won’t show .iso…

It doesn’t matter that the WDTV can play those files.  The server decides they’re not servable, and doesn’t “offer” them to the WDTV.

For some servers and some file types, you can load codec packs and directshow filters, and get the server to show unservable files (i.e. you can get WMP to show/play .mkv files), but as Tony pointed out, we know of no server that will serve up .iso files.

I personally have no experience with the Media Server you’re using, so I don’t know what it will show and what it won’t.