Reading ISO files on my NAS

Hi there,

I recently bought a WDTV to play my DVD ISO files.
I already read a couple of discussions which all say ISO are not visible if NAS is a network share but must be accessed as a windows share.
But WDTV sees only my computer on windows share and not my Netgear ReadyNAS ultra 6.
Can you help me to access it properly?

Note: I don’t want to convert my ISO to MKV, I choose ISO because it keeps the exact content of the original DVD and I have to many of them to convert.

sorry, that’s incorrect.

ISO’s are visable (and playable) via “Network Shares

They are not visable (or playable) via “Media Shares” aka. “DLNA Streaming

as to why the WDTV does not see your Netgear … dunno ? google around

eg. Cant find NAS stored video file on my WD TV live? - NETGEAR Communities

Thank you Joey,

I’m not using DLNA features today so this is not my issue.
I read your link but didn’t help me.
I can find my ready NAS on my Network and access and play divx or mkv files.
Only the ISO files are even not seen at all by my WDTV when in the same folder I can see my video sheet in jpg.

If the ISO if on a USB drive then it is shown and playable.

Previously I had a TViX and had no issue to play any kind of file on this same NAS.