ISOs on Live Hub play but ISOs on D-Link NAS don't

I have a WD TV Live Hub and a D-Link NAS-323 connected to a Netgear router (wired connections).  I took a collection of ISO video files that I ripped on my PC using DVD Decrypter and copied some of the files to the Live Hub and some to the NAS.  The Live Hub sees the NAS and finds the ISOs on the NAS drives, but it won’t play them – I get the “unsupported file format” message.  But the ISOs I loaded on the Live Hub’s internal drive play fine.

It seems unlikely that the act of copying files to the NAS somehow corrupted them.  Does anyone know why the ISOs on the NAS drives appear different to the Live Hub?

This is just a plain vanilla network share?  Or are you using the MEDIA SERVER function?

It could also be a permissions issue on the NAS.

Thanks very much for your reply.

I’m using the Media Server function.

I’ve seen references in other posts to permission problems, and it’s true that I didn’t pay attention to file permissions when I copied content to the NAS.  This is hopelessly newbie, but – what am I looking for?  File ownership?  Security settings?  Read-only vs. read-write?

DLNA doesn’t support ISOs.   It’s a limitation of the server.

That article is specifically in reference to WD Drives, but the limitation applies to ALL drives that I know of…

Use Network Shares instead of Media Server.

Yup, that was it – I’m able to play the ISOs on the NAS now.

Thanks again for your help.