No files with Mac OS High Sierra


Thanks @pmcmf, I have installed Forklift and it works fine now.
I had to reboot the WD Tv live Hub and switch to the 2,4Ghz Wifi channel on the Macbook Pro and it works just fine now.
I installed the V2 (free). I didn’t find the Transmit software.

Note: The Macbook Pro is running under the 10.13.3 Mac OS High Sierra version



Hi, glad to hear it. I didn’t have to change the wifi signal frequency… And I am also on 10.13.3.
I have V3 if you need…

I also have this one you if need.



I have the same problem, I think. My 4T Studio is not visible in the finder, following update to High Sierra. Will use of the ForkLift or Transmit be difficult? I’m not super techie :frowning:


What is the model of your drive?
ForkLift or Transmit should help you deal with it. Both are easy to use.
Please share more info so we can help you.


any new ideas?


#Great idea! But my case is a bit harder: old mac and can’t install latest versions of ForkLift and Transmit… so I tried using a different software: Cyberduck. What protocol are you using? smb? WebDav?


Tried Forklift and Transmit. Don’t work for me- they just time out. Please post detailed instruct on how YOU got them to work-I’m not seeing it.