No file sharing while dx4000 is rebuilding

Hi Guys,

I have an 8TB DX400. lst night the power went out and for some reason the unit got powered off even though its attached to a UPS. It is currently rebuilding and will likelt take 10 days to do so however for some reason none of the file sharing is working.

My question is can i restart the unit correctly without interrupting the rebuild process or causing any more issues?


So can you get to the server desktop or the dashboard to properly shut it down?  If so I don’t think it would hurt, but I also don’t think it will help/speed things up.

As a rule if it is booted and initializing stuff normally works, though it is slow until it finishes initializing.  Should not take 10 days, 5 maybe :slight_smile:

I can get to the remote desktop however the dashboard within remote desktop and on my pc wont launch.

I’m not interested in speeding things up just restoring access to the files whilst the rebuild is taking place.

My concern is that i will restart the unit and it wont come back up.

I could access file explorer earlier today but now it comes up with an error about the server service.

From what i understand i have limited if no options in terms of file recovery if the unit doesnt boot again…

I suppose at the server desktop you could try services.msc and start the server service