DX 4000 question. power failure

We had the power go out for an extended period of time the other day and no one was around to power down correctly.

The battery drained on the UPS and the DX4000 must have shutdown poorly.

It’s more than 48 hours later and screen says initalizing at 64.xx%

It’s gone up 5 % or sofar today. we can still access the data but it’s extremely slow.

Can it be sped up? The dashboard and Remote desktop are not accessable, though the launchpad does work.

No just wait.  It may take 5 days

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It’s been stuck at 96.3% for 3 days now. I still cannot remote into the the unit via dashboard nor RDP

any suggestions?

I am not happy that the dashboard or RDP does not work.  It should, alibet slow.  I really hate for you to power off the box as it is never a good thing.  I still sugest your best course of action is to wait.

I suppose if you want to, you could press the power button once briefly and see if it triggers the native windows shutdown.  Allow it plenty of time to attempt this on its own. 

I did not attempt a reboot.

though I can RDP into the unit. The IP changed on it.

The dashboard connects now that i’ve RDP’ed into it.

Still at 96.3% initializing.

Well good.  The weekend is close.  Let’s see how it is doing Monday. Just let it work.

I let it go until today it was still at 96.3%

I remote desktoped into it and initated a restart.

After restart it now says healthly.

Better safe than sorry I suppose.  Everything back to normal now?