No DTS on Panasonic P46GW20 with 1080 videos via HDMI? Just Stereo?


I bought a WDTV Live last week and I´m very happy with it in general. Unfortunately, I can´t play any digital DTS Sound via my plasma tv. The plasma should handle it, because its a brand new p46gw20.

WDTV Live and the plasma are connected via HDMI. When I set sound to stereo, everything works fine - except the sound sounds like ■■■■, because its downmixed. This is no solution! I tried a lot of 1080p material. Is there a fix coming?

When I use the optical output, it works but I need a solution via HDMI, because I need the optical slot of my audio receiver for something different.



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Actually, the Plasma *won’t* handle it because it needs to be decoded.

The Live only passes through 5.1 surround (either DTS or AC3) – it’s up to your AVR to decode it.  In the absence of one you’ll need to set it to Stereo to downmix.

Thank you for a quick answer.

So I need to use my one and only optical slot. :frowning:

You could purchase a manual switch that allows you to connect the Toslink from multiple input devices to one output device or vice versa. have one, for example. .

whoooa. Didn´t think about this!

Thanks, mate.

I just need to get one of this here in germany. :wink:

WD device have issue with DTS system ! 

I have wd gen1 also have problem than its out of support i give tham friend and buy wd live and also have dts problem with lot of movies and other bugz ! 

Ocean:   What are you using as a DTS decoder?  What version of firmware is on your Live?