No digital audio


I’m getting desperate here. I own a WDTV Live

Audio through HDMI to my TV works fine but when I try to hook it up to my Receiver with an optical cable there is no sound. It is an older reciever (Sony STR-DB925) but is has both DTS and DD decoder. I have changed the setting on the WD from analog to digital. The receiver is set to receive the signal from the optical cable. The cable works fine. I have tested it on my DVD player.

I have tried to pull out the power cable from the WD… No result!

I just went back to the official FW from B-rads FW and I don’t know if that has anything to say.

What is wrong? Is the receiver simply too old despite the fact that it has DTS and DD decoder and that it works fine when decoding signals from my DVD player?

Did you ever resolved this issue?

It turned out that it the optical out had a defect so I had the WDTV replaced.

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