Dolby Digital audio suddently not working

This is the particular model I have:±+WD+TV+Live+Media+Player/3558057.p?id=1218420285155&skuId=3558057&st=wd%20live&cp=1&lp=1

Yesterday it was working fine.  I saw that new firmware was available to download on the menu so I did that and now it’s not working.  However, DTS will work.  Basically what happens is my receiver will show it’s getting the information from the optical input as it would do when it’s working correctly but there’s just no sound.  Also, to clarify I do have “dolby digital capable receiver” checked in the “digital pass-through va optical only” menu. 

Any thoughts?  Thanks

Did you verify the audo settings after the firmware upgrade? I had a similiar issue and had to change it back to digital.  I would also try a reboot and verify that the optical cable didn’t get pulled out slightly.  Worst case you can reset to factory and set everything up again to see that fixes the issue. Just a few things to try.