No Digital Audio from WDTV Live?

When I play a movie (DVD VOB, ISO, or MP4 files) with AC3 audio (the WDTV says so), my receiver still does not recognize the digital signal.

My WDTV Live is connected to my Sony WEGA 36" standard definition TV via composite output. I also connected an optical cable from the player to my receiver, and I set the player’s audio output to “digital” on the audio setup screen.

The receiver does recognize digital input from a DVD player, computer soundcard, and DVR. So what’s the problem with the output from the WDTV Live?

I already have the same problem but from WD I have no answer YET(2 days back I sent them the same question).

Did you solve the problem alone???

Please drop me a line (that is so boring) I have my best DVD’s in this format VOB+AC3 sound.


I asked WD in an email. They asked me to send them some info from the utility on the CD that came with the unit. I was supposed to run it on the files I think should be digital.

Meanwhile, here’s what I found out: the WDTV Live says some of my files have AC3 audio, and other files have AC3 DIGITAL audio. I thought all AC3 was “digital” but I guess not.

Only the files that WDTV Live identifies with  “Digital” audio tracks go through the optical cable to the receiver. The rest goes to the analog output.

What’s more vexing is the so-called digital audio only goes through the optical cable, if the WDTV Live audio setting is set to “digital.” That means no sound to the TV via the regular analog outputs!

Pretty poor combination of choices, if you ask me.

Thanks for the answer.

I have my WD TV Live with HDMI(1.3) cable connected to SAMSUNG full HD TV(to HDMI input).

I have tried to play some AC3 files alone like MP’3 but I cannot hear sound too.The device cannot play it (I think - that is my opinion)

I sent to WD a short video(3.1.2010) -  like it is on the DVD-video discs - in standart VOBS with 2 AC3 sound files(included)

so now I am waiting what a solution or result they (WD) will sent to me.

I can see that WD TV Live equipment needs better software

George Ground

I’m looking forward to hearing what they say.

Hello Toolman

here down under is the answer from WD - what we had been waiting for

(excuse my English that is not my native language)

I tried to do it but I discovered  that it works only with settings in video/audio menu “NO DIGITAL” audio  sound (WD TV Live conected with TV SAMSUNG-full HD by HDMI 1.3)

Have a good day


VOB files with AC3 sound 5.1-ch
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 Response (Miguel G.) 01/12/2010 09:32 PM 
Dear Jiri,

Thank you for your reply.

I truly apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, this file VOB with AC3 it's not supported. If you need additional information about what file types can be used with the WD TV HD Media Player, feel free to click at the following link: 

Answer Title: List of compatible media file types for all WD TV models
Answer Link:

I hope that we have met your expectations today and that you are satisfied with our service. If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further. 

Miguel G.
Western Digital Service and Support

I think this may need a bit of playing      around. I have audio settings as Digital but both connections, The RCA Stereo to  the TV and optical to the AV Receiver. As long as the source media has an audio stream that WD TV LIve can downmux to Stereo the TV plays as well as AV Receiver.

I did have some problem getting this to work  and had to switch off and boot up again to make this stick. A bit hazy how this happened but I feel you need to set it to digital and re boot with only digital connection ( Take the AV jack out of the WD TV Live). Once digital is playing reboot again but this time connect the AV Jack for the stereo to the TV.

Hope this works…

I find WD’s answer to George_Ground confusing. What do they mean, VOB with AC3 is not supported?

ElectricMuse, I’ll give your technique a try and hope for the best. Thanks for posting it.

Run files from Cannon film camera that is on a NAS, WD Live TV through HDMI makes the film off the TV screen a simple “1 / 1, Audi channel AC3” on the receiver says PCM, is the same explanation, that WD TV Live unable AC3?

The best way is to go to Audio/ Vedio settings and change the audio from Digital to Stereo … all AC3 audio works after that …

At least it works for me !!