No access with 4G using MyCloud app (Android)

Starting from february 2016 I can’t connect to WD MyCloud when using a 4G connection from my mobile phone on Android. When using WiFi I don’t have any problem. What has changed? All the years before it all worked fine.

I removed the app (and the credentials) and reinstalled it. I followed the procedure to make a connection, starting with WiFi. No problem. Again trying 4G it starts trying to connect, but after 1 or 2 minutes it stops and says: Connection Error.

Please remove this error, so I can use WD MyCloud again as I intended.

Have you checked the settings for “Connected Apps” that the My Cloud App can use your 4G beside the WLAN?

You mean in Android? I checked it and it has access tot 4G. That never was a problem, I’ve used the app (and the previous ones) since 2014.

Nothing has changed since September 2015 as we launched the My Cloud OS 3. And there was no update for the App too since January 7 2016. If you say, it worked until February, then something else seems to have changed.

Have you taken a look into the Cloud-Access part of the My Cloud Web UI? There, your Mobile device shall be listed.
If not or if you still have problems, delete the My Cloud from within the App, create a code from within the My Cloud Web UI and use this code to reestablish a connection within your App, the Code needs to be filled in almost at the end, at “WD devices”.