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Hey all, i am the happy new owner of a WDMYCloud 4Tb… I am trying to stream “stuff” on my nas to my dlna enabled tv and the tv does not  recognize the media… I am just now reading the several posts on the forum and it is quite a bit of information. So i guess (and pardon for not searching a lot on the forum i know noob mistake don’t hate me XD).

In order to have the nas stream the media to the tv (it streams to android fine) shoudl i install the minidlna server?

Transmission shoudl be an interesting idea, but it would be interesting to be able to control the torrent download from a webpage? (please? XD)

What else woudl be good?

P.S. I am not exactly a noob in linux but i am not by far an expert… so Can anyone please point me int he right direction? no need for a tutorial or anything, but fors instance: install this (-link pasted here-) then this (link pasted here) and so on.

 Oh darn i forgot to ask if i could install some stuff like java , teamspeak, etc.

Thank you all!!!

Assuming you got twonky installed, check what version you are running.  When I bought my various WD devices, all were backlevelled twonky and required editing the device config files to permit a Samsung TV to recognise correctly and to enable all remote control ffwd/rwd/play/pause etc.   In fact, the easiest is to upgrade Twonky (whihc means u pay £13 and install it yourself which takes 5 minutes).

Also, ensure you’re configuring the correct Shares on your WD media streaming s/w (go to the  http://192.168.1.xx:9000/ page to access the Twonky configs).

Finally…you check what container your files are in.  MKV and MP4 etc are containers for multiple codecs…try different conversions on a single film, and see which works on your television.  The TV will have a Linux OS and make-dependent, may/may not have a wide codec capability.


the tv is a philips cineos… 37pfl 9603d it is from 2009 i think… It used to work fine with the videos on windows media player library…

I can use twonky but the point wouidl be i think to use the nas itself i guess no?. i mean what are those meda server features for then?

Sorry if I’ve missed something here…  

So you’ve streamed the same video from your PC to the television and it worked fine.  OK, that is good as the video codecs cannot be a problem clearly, but your PC would have been running DLNA s/w to perform the streaming for your TV to then play.

The NAS is a dumb HDD connected to a PCB with a power supply, & USB and/or ethernet port.  Nothing more…the Twonky is the resident  DLNA s/w which it (or an alternative if you install a different one of your choice) _ *must* _ be running.    If you don’t utilise a DLNA application, the TV can attempt a request but won’t be streamed to.

So whatever DLNA you use, it must read the share filesystem, catalogue and index the media, present a share to a media device, and dish the Mbyets out and receive play/pause requests.  In other words, bingo, you sorted.

And to be clear…the Twonky is the bundled 3rd party application on the WD-modified Debian image (running from /etc/init.d  upon boot/recycle).  It will be backlevelled but that license is bundled in the cost of your device.  It only costs you extra if you find u need certain Smart TV functionality (and Samsung TVs are notorius for doing their own version of the internatial DLNA standard) and you need to upgrade to resolve issues.

Apologies if I’m misreading your requests for help and gone all tangential…but Twonky is your already existent friend on your NAS.  (just edited this reply to add the new text in red to ensure clarity in what I was meaning & trying to say).

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