New WD60EZRZ Bad blocks!

Just got this WD 6TB internal drive off an eBay IT parts company new sealed and unused. I was so happy to find one unused at a reasonable price. When the drive arrived I opened the seal, connected it and checked SMART data. It was Zero on hours and everything brand new with no errors and the drive runs fine with no bad signs. Just to be sure and before formating I decided to run WD Data Lifeguard Extended Test but it failed with error message “Too Many Bad Sectors Detected”! So I did a scan with HD Tune and it shows Bad Blocks in the middle of the disk! Are these repairable or I have to return the drive back to the seller? I am very disappointed I would have loved to keep the drive!

I thought about that but it is difficult to believe that they could reset the SMART data somehow, reseal the drive and sell it as new unused! Also they allowed returns within 30 days and that made me confident it was genuine. Could it be WD bad quality contorl?