New WD Live vs Hub

80s guys made a few comments about how the Hub is more stable than the new Live.  I’m interested to understand more details from anyone with experience with one or the other before I buy.

Honestly, I’m not sure how there can be a difference if they are both running the same firmware.  Thanks for everyone’s input.

They arent running the ‘Same’ Firmware … it might ‘Look’ the same, but there ARE technical differences between the two devices.

which is why WD post a Firmware Upgrade for the ‘Hub’ in the ‘Hub’ Section.

And a Firmware Upgrade for the ‘Streaming’ in the ‘Streaming’ Section.

I was going to get the WD hub if I didn’t buy a portable hard drive yet.

From what I see and hear the WD hub is actually more stable. The only thing I didn’t like about it was it didn’t have wi-fi.

Come to think of it, the WD hub is already a good deal since comparing it price wise, the WD TV Live SMP is almost about $100 with the not so stable hardware/software and the WD hub is about $200 but you also get a 1 TB internal drive…so it is like buying a WD TV Live SMP with the 1TB drive which you will need also for your media files anyway.

You get that and the stable hardware/software. You also get to play around with additional “Themes” that were uploaded and contributed by the members here.

If I were to do it over again, I would have just bought the WD hub.

I have the WD TV Live SMP newest version and I already returned the previous one I bought 'coz it was kinda “buggy” and deleted my files that were on my portable drive attached to it via its usb ports.

So far the replacement unit I got is not deleting any of my files.

If you also read throught the “issues” reporting, it would seem as if the WD TV Live SMP has more issues than the WD hub.