Which model do I have?

I bought a WD TV Live about 1.5 yrs back when the options were the Live and the Live Hub that included the 1TB drive. Now I see people here referring to a WD TV SMP? Is that a newer model, or same model rebranded? 

Also, I saw in a post, can’t remember which thread, that mentioned seeing or rather not seeing a flag on titles for watched or Unwatched items. I can’t remember seeing this option anywhere in my settings. Did I miss it somewhere or is this a newer feature in firmware that only comes in this “SMP” version?

Upon booting the logo says WD TV Live, then reboots and says WD TV Libe Hub. In the Settings > About, it says WD TV Streaming Media Player, and shows my firmware as 2.01.86. But I don’t think it updated right when it detected the new firmware a few months back. I remember it downloading, then rebooted, the downloaded again, rebooted and said “firmware update incomplete” or something close to it.   Should I attempt a manual update via USB? Or do I have to rollback the firmware, then manually update to the latest?

Each forum has a picture of that model on the entry page.

Go here http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming/bd-p/streaming_discussions

If that looks exactly like yours, then you have the SMP.

Ahhh ,yes I see. That matches. Now about that watched/unwatched flag thingy … ?