New WD drives. Solid Red can't format using software

Just bought this empty network storage. Was going to use a SSD drive, but that would not work. So I bought 2 of the 2T RED drives off of WD site. That was the recommended drive.

I installed. It sees them, but I can’t upgrade firmware due to not formatted. The format option is greyed out and you can’t do anything.

What do I do???



I already searched, and can’t seem to find this topic anywhere.

After calling up WD, found that you need to go into the raid section, and set up the raid first.

There is only one button you can push in the raid section, and then I set it up as RAID 1. So pretty much mirroring the main drive.

Turned on some switch so if I ever have one crash, I can drop in a new one, and it automatically copies it.

Then it self tested, and went into format mode.

Thank you support for your support.

Wow, that was quick! Glad you got it worked out.

Me too!

I have used an SSD in my EX2 Ultra with no problems at all.