New Release - My Cloud EX2 Ultra Firmware Version 2.30.165 (04/05/2017)

WD is happy to announce the release of the My Cloud EX2 Ultra Firmware Version 2.30.165.

What’s new!

  • Redesigned MyCloud App Store to include native and 3rd party apps for better user experience.
  • Enhanced dashboard to fit all top menu items on one screen without scroll bar.
  • Enhanced SMB server (samba) to support Apple Time Machine protocol extensions.
  • Enhanced SMB server (samba) to operate using SMB-3 protocol by default.
  • Resolved critical security vulnerabilities.
  • Improved MyCloud Cloud connectivity across MyCloud web, mobile & client apps.
  • Improved efficiency of internal MyCloud flash.
  • Improved directory browsing latency over AFP when device wakes up from standby.
  • Improved latency of displaying thumbnails on mobile & web app.
  • Added analytics for network connection configuration.
  • Resolved issue where analytics logs were not updated as expected.
  • Enhanced UPnP support to pass updated UPnP certification tests
  • Resolved issue of unable to connect macOS Sierra (v10.12) ssh client.
  • Resolved issue where extra shares were created on system restore.
  • Updated native Elephant Drive app to v3.0.24.
  • Elephant Drive & Amazon S3 can now be updated without updating firmware via App Store.
  • Improved dashboard network graph’s X-Axis to be at least 125 MB/s.