New Release - My Book Live Firmware Version 02.11.12-060 (6/26/12)


How do upgrade from the downloaded file ? Could you pls let me know.

In order to update a MyBook Live from a local file, here is what I do:

  1. After learning of the update, I locate it on the WD support website and download it to a local PC.  I got an e-mail from my MBL today about the new update, and if I open my Dashboard (using the WD Quick View software) I see an alert that says there is a new update available.

  2. After getting the download, and seeing that nobody is using the MBL, I make a couple of backups of my data.

  3. From the WD Quick View menu I select the MBL and then “Dashboard” to start the web UI.

  4. From “Settings” I choose “Updates”

  5. From “Updates” I choose “Update from File” on the line “New Firmware Update”

  6. I point to the file I downloaded in Step 1 and away it goes.

where can i download old firmwares? i still get the update error: 31105 - Upgrade copy failure

This is where I went to find the firmware update:

Good old WD updates, multiple attempts now, each time fails. trying from file this time and its stuck at the famous 10%!

Sorry, Guys.  We pulled the firmware while we look into what caused this.

Quick question for when the firmware returns.  Can I still upgrade the firmware if I’ve changed the root password or do I need to change it back first?

That shouldn’t be an issue.

Hi I have 2 Units of MBL of 2 TB one (the newest ) report that have a new firmware the  02.11.12-060 and the upgrade finish successfully but the the (the older) not report any message and I search a manual update but the unit says that the fimware is already updated but the version is 02.11.09-053 : Core F/W when a search manually the version 02.11.12-060 in this web I can’t find is OK?

Go about five messages up…  the firmware was pulled.  Dismiss the notification and it won’t tell you again until the firmware is re-released.

So… How do you test your firmware before public release?

Do someone in WD own some non-WD electronic stuff sold in the last century? Did you ever take a look at what others are doing?

I never saw a warning “backup everything before update” on an  Xbox 360 or a Ps3. Nor on my 7 years old pc’s bios upgrade.

…and all of these electornic stuff have a power down button!

marco81bs wrote:


I never saw a warning “backup everything before update” on an  Xbox 360 or a Ps3. Nor on my 7 years old pc’s bios upgrade.

Every NAS I own has that warning, and I have four different makes and models.

XBOX360 and PS3 – There’s no risk of primary data loss; the games are still on your original disk.  The worst that can happen is you can lose your Save status and a few configuration files…  but the main reason is:  There’s no way to do it!

And a BIOS upgrade cannot damage data – even if the BIOS upgrade completely fails, your data are still on the storage devices untouched.

When you upgrade xbox’s or ps3’s firmware the process updates the content of the filesystem and the operating system files. If something goes wrong, you do not have to send back your console to manufacturer. The upgrade is fault-tolerant: it rollbacks to the previous state. It does not mess up with data content (i.e. downloaded/installed game and saves).

I may be misunderstood: obviously bios udpdate does not mess up with hard-disk content. I meant to say that when a bios update fails (on modern/decent hardware), the previous version is rolled-back.You do not need to send you motherboard back to the manufacturer.

All these WD firmware updates seem unsafe and untested. That means that you have to cross your finger and light up a candle in a church before even think to update.

The firmware installed easily and completely for me.  So is there going to be another release in the next few days?

After updating, I get a 404 error when trying to access remotely.  HELP, please.

dkschandler wrote:

After updating, I get a 404 error when trying to access remotely.  HELP, please.


Try turning off remote access, wait about 2 minutes and turn it back on again.

How do I know the rev of my hardware for a 2T MyBook? Instructions to download?

Missed this before it got pulled. Does anyone know if Twonky was upgraded at all? Thanks!

No, it wasn’t.