New, never used 3TB Green already bad? - Too many bad sectors

I just got a new 3TB green drive and used the extensive scan. The scan will stop with “Too many bad sectors” error.

Is this recoverable or the drive is already gone from factory?

You’ll probably be advised to run the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics software to see if the drive is really bad. I *presume* that bad sectors only show up when all the spare sectors for reallocation are used up, so you should be able to see plenty of reallocated sectors.

That is exactly what I used and it will stop with the error.

Sorry, what I meant was, use the “Show SMART Disk Info”, not running the diagnostics. You might need the diagnostics eventually though, when you open the RMA case, or tell them that it stops with whatever error you saw. Grab a screenshot too.