Data Lifeguard fails: "too many bad sectors"

I am trying to salvage some information from a bad 3 TB internal drive. Its a WD green, fairly old (WD30EZRX).
When this drive failed it took the entire WIN 10 PC with it even though it was NOT a system disk.
If installed internally the PC would not boot. Took some time to figure this out, but very repeatable.

With the drive removed from the PC, the computer works fine.

I’ve installed the problematic drive in an external enclosure to test it out.
When hooked up via USB you can see a drive letter in explorer, but that is it.
Nothing is accessible.
If you click on the drive letter, explorer just hangs up and needs to be killed.
Disk management does not work and will not show ANY drives at all.

When I run Data Lifeguard the disk shows up with smart status “unavailable”.
When I run the QUICK test and EXTENDED test it says “too many bad sectors” and quits.

So I am out of ideas and wondering if there is a way to salvage the information on the drive.


by the look of it the disk is toast

could be the heads are damaged which is causing the faults