New Netflix interface crashes my LiveHub - HARD

Never had a problem with my LiveHub before but, ever since Netfilx ‘upgraded’ their interface, all goes crashing down every time I pause a movie on NetFlix and, I believe, when the movie finishes playback. The picture freezes and LiveHub becomes unresponsive. The only way to regain control is to power it off.

Is anyone else experiencing this? And, if yes, is there a known remedy other than stop using Netflix?

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Hmmm… no comments. I guess it’s something specific to my 'hub.

I quit using Netflix after the price hike (not worth it at the current price - wasn’t worth it at the previous price either, but at least you could get a DVD sent to you once in awhile as well so you had at least some value…) so I’m not really sure if mine has this issue. Do you use any of the other premium services (Hulu, Blockbuster, CinemaNow)?  Have you tried doing a full reset to your device?

I’m having the freezing issue but I had three instances prior to the latest interface change and one instance since. All of these occurrences followed the latest WD firmware update. Three times the video simply froze shortly after it started (within a few minutes). One time it happened when I paused a video approximately 40 minutes into it.


I thought I’d tried HuluPlus but I’ll probably cancel before the free trial expires.

I don’t like it for several reasons:

  • it’s a paid service WITH commercials (greedy)

  • the video quality is terrible, many HD shows are presented in SD on a 3x4 screen, low frame rate

  • it seems that most of their movies are Chinese


I believe that my problem is not related to the latest firmware. It only started to manifest itself after Netfilx changed their interface. And it’s constant: ‘press pause —> LiveHub freezes up and needs to be powered off’

Mine does that too, the first couple of days netflix worked fine but then it satrted freezing after a while and I would have to unplug the hub. theres a couple of discussion about this on the forum. wd response was to check if the fan was still working while the hub was running netflix and to check if the network speed was enough?? to run netflix in hd. I;m just waitting to see if they fix it otherwise I’ll have to send it back to get repaired or something.

It’s not the Hub per se and I doubt it’s the latest firmware.

My hub ONLY freezes on Netflix. It does NOT freeze on HULU and it did NOT freeze on Netflix until a few days ago. I have no problems with the fan. I’m watching movies regularly and the ONLY time I have this is on Netflix.