Help! Netfilx meltdown

I’ve never had a LiveHub or Netfilx problem until a month or so ago. Ever since, my ability or view Netflix movies has been degrading progressively and getting worse.

In the beginning, Netflix would freeze after pressing the ‘pause’ button and only a power off/on would make the LiveHub responsive again. Then Netflix would just freeze while I was wathing for 1 hour or so. By now, it freezes up after as little as 5 minutes of playbak.

This is VERY annoying and ONLY NETFLIX appears to be affected. I have no problem watchcing HuluPlus or very long stored movies, both standard and HD. I have no problem running Netflix on a PS3.

Any advice would be mucch apprecciated.

What has changed since the problem started? A firmware update? Then by all means try to roll back to the previous version that used to work for you.

I don’t believe it’s the firmware. It SEEMS that Netfilx started to crash after they changed their interface and that happened after the latest Hub firmware update.

Everything else works just fine and Netflix does not crashl on the PS3.

Question: do you have a link that explains how to roll back to the previous firmware? Is it safe?

Here’s an official WD article that explains how to do it. You’ll lose what you got on the new firmware but you can update and roll back as you like if needed.

Hey, thanx.

The second time of calling Netflix was a charm. They advised me to ‘wipe out’ my Netflix account and reenter it and hope for the best.

Well… for the first time in many weeks I was able to watch a full movie without Netflix freezin up on me.

This is what you do: once you are in Netflix, you do the following with your remote:

up, up, down, down ,left, right, left, right, up up, up, up

This would clear out your account and you’ll have to reenter your email address and password.

That’s nice to know!