New My passport essential 500gb


I’ve just bought a new My passport essential 500gb i plugged it in and followd the instructions.

now the problem is that when i’m copiing files or use the WD Smartware (version: it just disconnect and reconnect the whole time and so i cant complete the backup or files transfert.

Can someone help?

Kind regards


Hi, be sure that you are connecting the passport directly to one of the USB ports on your PC, that means no extension cables or USB hubs.

i just use the normal included cable.

but i just noticed when i plug it in an usb 2.0 it works fine it’s when i use the usb 3.0 that it acts strange.

Well in that case go to your computer manufacturer web page and check if you have the latest USB 3.0 drivers. If the issue continues, it might be a problem with the cable or the USB port itself on the computer.

ok will try it ty