My Passport Essential Disconnecting


I just bought a 500 GB My Passport Essential. It works well with USB 2.0 but whenever I connect it to USB 3.0 port and try to write some files, it disconnects. Windows says it couldn’t find the destination, in the middle of the process. The drive can’t be seen in Explorer. But the light on the drive keeps flashing.

I uninstalled drivers and SmartWare and tried so, then reinstalled them with no success.

I am on a Asus N53SN, 64 bit Win 7 Home Premium.

Other people have encountered the same problem, as I saw with some research but I couldn’t come up with a solution.

Does anybody know how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

Did your PC come with USB 3.0 or did you use a addon card?


It originally came with USB 3.0

Doesn’t anybody know a solution for this problem? I think other people should have encountered similar things.

I’m really frustrated by this as well.

I have a STE NEC 2port PCIe USB3.0 and a 1TB WD Passport drive.  I just bough it, and transferred 700GBs worth of video to it.  It has since stopped working reliably.  It disconnects after being connected long enough for me to look at the files…

This is horrible…I cannot lose these files!!!  They’re directly related to the video company I manage.  I was about to backup them up to a secondary drive after getting them organized in one place.  Now it doesn’t work!  HELP!