New folders / files don't get backed up by WD Smartware


I have recently purchased and setup WD LiveDuo NAS disks.  The initial backup worked fine (using WD Smartware version 2.1.0 using Category backup) however I noticed that new folders / files in the selected categories were not getting backed-up during the nightly backup job.  They didn’t show as pending either and the WD Smartware showed that the backup was compled.

I switched from Category to File back up and the same issue happend again and also have switched again to Category backup and newly created files or folders aren’t getting backed up.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hello and welcome,

Check if the files that you are trying to backup are supported by Smartware and that any programs that might be using the files are closed. Check page 7 of the manual. 


Latest Smartware version.


Yes they are indeed supported file.  Regular image files (jpg) & text files or spreadsheets.   Even the folders aren’t being copied and no they are not open / locked by other applications either.

What seems odd is that if I do a switch from Category backup to file backup they will be picked up and backed up but then the same issue occurs when new files are created.


I’m also a litte concerned with the Smartware back up.  it’s supposed to back up on the fly, but I regularly check thru the WD Smartware backup tab, and it’s behind 50-250gb at times.

I am going to try and use the builtin W8 backup software and disable the Smartware.

My question is, if I use the internal W8 software and my 4TB DUO is running as RAID (2 x 2TB), will it back up to the 2nd drive automatically?  It appears it will, as the WD Dashboard and WD Smartware are not linked/syched and should be separate from the W8 software.

If you have the MBL Duo in RAID 1 (mirrored) mode, the data is duplicated in real time on both drives. This is independent of the source of the data, whether user copied or automated backup.