Smartware Pro Backup does not backup new files

I have Smartware set to backup by directory rather than by category.

I selected the C:\users\me\My Documents to backup to my WD My Cloud device.

First time I ran it copies everything for My Documents across fine.

When I re-run the set backup since then - manually for the last few weekends: the backup runs. It says it has accomplished successfully, but none of the folders or files I have added to My Documents since the initial backup have actually been copied to the My Cloud backup directory copy - even though I see the new sub-folders & files appear and are checked in the directory browser window in Smartware.

Am I missing something?

What exatly is the point of a backup process which does not actually include new files?


Try uninstalling and reinstalling WD Smartware.

Have you looked under the Help tab, Backup and read the information that is provided there?


After making your selections for update did you click on Apply Changes?


At the bottom of the Help tab you will see  a link to the Online User Manuals.


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cat0w (USA)


I’m having the same issue as the OP.  To the comment above… I’m not sure what you are looking at.  There is no “apply” button when you create new files and folders in a windows directory.  You might be confused about what the OP is talking about.

If a new file or folder is created in a subdirectory of a directory that is set to be backed up after the first initial backup, then those new files/folders are not copied to the backup drive.  Looking at the community here, it seems like this is a common problem going back a year.  I’m using ver. 2.4.2.