New Firmware Ver 1.06.16 kills WUSB600N Wireless USB Adapters

After being bitten, I had a look in the Forum and have seen that this version of Firmware for both the WDTVLive and WDTVLive-Plus breaks support for the Linksys WUSB600N USB Wireless Adapter.

WD, can you please resolve this quickly.

I am using the WUSB600N wireless adapter and it is working fine for me with the new firmware.

After I upgraded to 1.06.16 my wireless adapter did not connect. I had to go into the setup and re-enter my wireless key. I selected for it to connect Automatically. It did connect, but when I turned my Live Plus off and on, it went back to not connecting again. I started the wireless setup again and re-entered my wireless key, then I went to Wireless Favorites and noticed that even though there was only one entry here (the wireless connection that I just made) nothing was selected as the default. I highlighted the wireless connection that I just made, and selected it as the default. A dot appeared next to the wireless connection in the Wireless Favorites list. After that, the WUSB600N v2 worked fine.

For me, the key to getting my wireless adapter working again was to set the WUSB600N v2 as the Default adapter. Hopefully, that will work for you too.


Just wanted to add that your solution also worked with my Belkin F5D8055.

I too had lost all wireless after the firmware upgrade but was able to get it back by reinstalling all my wireless information and then setting it as default.

Thanks, mucho apprectiated.

Hi Scandy,

Thanks for the tip, although I had already worked out how to roll-back to a previous version.

The REAL problem here is that WD are selling a commercial product to the mass market which AutoMagically offers to update firmware, and yet they allow potentially brickable problems to be force fed to customers via a push-update.

While I was able to work out how to dowbgrade my WDTC, I can imagine there are a lot of people who can’t, and they won’t be on this forum either. I certainly hope some very senior heads roll within WD for this and what appears to be a horrendous update. For a company who had some very serious street cred with hot silicon a few decades ago and then gave that market away (sold to Adaptec) to try to cash in on the domestic retail market, this is a real clanger.

WD - This just ins’t good enough. If you’re going to flog a retail consumer product, you had better well make sure it is bullet-proof and works as advertised. If you start pushing updates (which you do by the fact that you tell the user there is an update and basically pre-prompt them to install it), you really should do better than this and make sure it fixes stuff and doesn’t break things instead.

In my situation, I bought 2 x WD TV Live boxes and then bought 2 x Linksys WUSB600N Adapters to work with them as I need wireless links to the WD TV. My setups are a little old now, but when I bought them, they cost near on US$700 for both setups. While prices have fallen, these items are still a US$700 purchase for me and to have WD brick them doesn’t really impress me very much.

My heart goes out to those who have no technical savy and really got burnt by this. As I have already said, to me this is a “sackable offence” and I sure hope that there is a shake-up somewhere within WD, as this just isn’t good enough.